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Updated: Dec 16, 2022

We work together to help you heal yourself from past traumas and break into the life you’ve always desired to live by using Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) techniques. RTT is a hybrid form of hypnosis and regression to quickly discover the core cause of an issue and resolve it. This is followed by customized meditation techniques and empowering affirmations that resonate with your true self. While you're under hypnosis, I focus on healing the core of the issue. It’s my job to make sure you are safe, comfortable, and in a healthy mindset to explore these issues and determine how to resolve them.

Working together, you will not relive your traumatic experiences, you can only review them. All of my clients have woken from this hypnotic state feeling refreshed, relieved, and often as if a weight has been lifted from their body. Our bodies hold on to trauma and limiting beliefs, resulting in destructive behavior, anxiety, depression, overeating, tension, overthinking, and many more traits that can prevent us from living the life we desire. RTT will help retrain your brain, release these negative emotions in a healthy way with ease, and unlock the traits you desire to have, making it easy to replace bad habits and trauma responses with healthy and functional thought patterns and actions.

Professionally, I’m motivated by a deep desire to help others which has led me to achieve such accomplishments as becoming a licensed RTT Practitioner as well as a certified Life Coach. I am also a certified Meditation Coach, Advanced Theta Healer, & Reiki Master.

Outside of work, I recharge by listening to music (I especially love live concerts), skydiving, traveling, and going on adventures with my friends and family. What I appreciate about running my own private practice is being able to pursue both my personal goals and professional passions with equal zeal - honestly, I think it makes me a better practitioner and coach because I am aware that filling my own cup allows me to give my clients the undivided attention you deserve.

I love what I do. Helping others uncover what is hidden in their subconscious and release it, excites me! Understanding how our brains work is absolutely fascinating to me. Seeing the changes implemented over 3 months is phenomenal and rewarding.

Upon discovering RTT and becoming a practitioner, I have gone through my own process of freeing myself, overcoming my traumas, learning to love myself, and implementing how to set healthy boundaries. I'm honored to be able to bring these gifts to my clients as well.

If you’d like to benefit from my services, please send me a message for a consultation call!

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