Richawn Cranor

Personal Development Coach &

Communication Specialist

Naples, FL


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Who am I?


Good Day Friends! I am Richawn Cranor, mother of three, educator, motivator, manager, communicator, empowerer, and have owned many enterprises. I've spent my life studying the inner workings of the human psyche.  Philosophizing on what makes humans feel and act the way they do. You know, those deep, emotionally vulnerable places most don't like to tread - those are my playground. Muahahaha! - LOL. A keen sense of humor is important when getting down to the emotional brass tacks. 

My process involves listening to you, then asking you empowering questions about you and your processes - questions that really make you think about what you are doing, what you want to be doing, where you see yourself now, and where you see yourself in your future. You will be closely in touch with your authentic self, so your answers are genuine. 

It is a powerful journey that leads to a deeper understanding of yourself, your dreams, and your goals. We create a realistic gameplan of how to achieve your highest aspirations! Accountable and communication are key pieces of the puzzle. 


Over my years I helped many friends and family members conquer more emotional, mental and physical challenges than I can count.  These experiences inspired me to develop a unique way of approaching and processing challenges. Such as objectively viewing our roles in our own lives & how our mental talk impacts our reality. Creating a healthy system for achieving deep work with facing fears; self-validation; learning to notice, adjust, release and heal from unhealthy cycles and patterns - both inherited and self-inflicted; recognizing and halting shame spirals; and breaking free of victim roles by learning how to effectively use empathy & functional communication. 

This has allowed me and many others to gain a fresh, positive perspective on life.


Life has brought me to right here, right now - where my goals are to help you on your journey to healing yourself. To provide you with tools to fill your emotional toolbelt. 


Thank you for allowing me to help you unlock your limitless life!



Richawn Cranor is a Reiki Master, a certified Life Coach, an Empowerment Coach, an Advanced Numerologist, is currently training in Hypnotherapy.