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About Limiting Beliefs

From a young age, our brains learn methods that protect us and help us fulfill our needs. Sometimes these methods no longer serve us as we grow and are able to fulfill more of our own needs. Because our brains gravitate to the familiar, it thinks the method from when we were younger is the best way. As we are older now, this process sometimes gets in the way of our growth. These are called limiting beliefs. It's why many struggle with feeling secure, handling anxiety and depression, and tend to hold themselves back. RTT can help you release these limiting beliefs so you can thrive to your full potential and create new, effective, and healthier methods to protect us, fulfill our own needs, and start living the life we truly desire.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

During Our Session:


My RTT sessions are between an hour and a half to two hours.

I work with you to ensure you feel calm, comfortable, and relaxed as we ease into a hypnotic state. This simply means a suggestible state, accessing your subconscious mind. You are aware the entire time, just in a safe, calm, open state. Read More About Hypnosis.
With my professional guidance, your mind will easily take you back to core reasons for the issue you would like to transform and address in your present. From there, we engage in a conversation about what is inhibiting you. 
You'll answer pertinent questions and your brain will easily lead us to the answers and transformation you desire.

This knowledge is powerful, healing, and invigorating. We let the brain know its current path and thought patterns are no longer serving you and we would like to make room for empowering and innovative methods to live the life you've always wanted for yourself.


Personalized Transformation Meditations

After Our Session:


What I Do -


Using the information we gather during our RTT session, I create a calm, soothing transformation recording. These are highly customized to meet your unique needs and resonate with the language your conscious and subconscious mind connect with the most.

Your job - 


Listen to the relaxing recording for the next 21 days. This allows your brain to let go of what is “looping” (a limiting belief), and replace it with your new thought process. This allows your brain to form new connections, facilitate the change you desire with ease, and lock in better habits for a lasting result.

While the recordings I make after our sessions are specialized, I've created a powerful sample meditation so you can experience positive changes using a generalized sampling of these cutting-edge techniques. 

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