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I work with people who are ready to heal their inner-child and understand the root causes of their current limitations in order to quickly reclaim their confidence and identify the path forward after trauma.

Meet Richawn RTTP

Trained by Marisa Peer

Transform and prioritize your relationship with yourself and learn to confidently say, "This is who I am and here is my purpose." 

We'll work together to deepen your connection with your authentic self so you can lead the fulfilling life of your dreams.

Marisa Peer's fascinating research and experience on how hypnosis creates a pathway to release cognitive distortions led me to work with her to understand, & finally let go of my personal baggage. My experience was so profound and freeing I decided to help change lives through this method and became a practitioner.

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Overcome Limited Beliefs

Free Yourself from Anxiety & Depression

Release Shame, Anger, 
and Trauma 

Enjoy a Happy Pregnancy and Birth

Improve Your Athletic Prowess

Everyone subconsciously establishes limiting beliefs during formative years.

Now, it's time to learn what's holding you back and how to break the cycles to cultivate the life you desire.

- Richawn Cranor

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The Self-Love Journey of Healing Your Mental and Emotional Self Begins Today.

I found RTT and Richawn to be a gentle and nurturing approach to unlocking stuck patterns in the subconscious.  I was not even aware of the issues that came up in our session that were holding me back. I’m grateful they came up to be released. After the session, I was given a customized recording to listen to daily. It is part of my daily routine now. Listening reminds me to stay focused on what I want to create in my life.  

Thank you, Richawn!

- Laurie M.

I listen to my recording every time I lay down for bed. I'm reacting differently to things. Prior to our session, I was getting overwhelmed easily by many things at work, life and even golf. Today I had the toughest shift and yesterday wasn't easy, but I never once felt overwhelmed. I laughed it off and just kept all feels amazingly positive. I can see my brain, my mind, and myself growing into this new me and I really like it! I have a sense of calm about me I haven't felt since I was a teenager. Something really huge is happening and I can feel it. Thank you, Richawn. I really appreciate everything you have done for me.

- J.G.
2020 & 2021

I listened to your recording every day for a month as you explained and I still listen to it occasionally with other meditations. It's beeenn helping me so muchwith anxiety. I felt such a shift in my relationship with anxiety - especially surrounding my trauma. I feel more centered and grounded in my everyday life and more in tune with my emotions. Not much can shake me now. I feel strong and ready to take on whatever's in front of me. 

- A. Mickelson 

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