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RTT & Coaching

Through RTT, and Coaching I will help you identify and understand the root reasons for your issues. Your subconscious and conscious minds will communicate bringing understanding, clarity, perspective, and the ability to finally move past and release the traumas, habits, and dysfunctional family patterns to truly heal your inner child hurdles.

No one gets through this life without their “bag of crap”. Even if you had the best intentioned parents on the planet, we are still left with issues (not necessarily from parents, but possibly) and traumas (no matter how small they seem) that occurred during our childhood and teen years. Our brains reacted the best way it could at the time to keep us safe and help us deal through those moment in time. Fast forward to now, we are no longer those children, those thoughts and ideas may be outdated and no longer serve us. However, out brains are wired to return to the familiar. Therefore, unless we directly address the now dysfunctional pattern, our brain thinks it is still working and continues to gravitate to it. 

It takes 21 days to create a new pattern in our brain. 

RTT and Coaching allows us to identify, understand and move past issues in the gentlest, quickest way using hypnosis to engage our subconscious brain to take us to the core cause of our issues. You cannot relive situations you will only observe them to understand and process what occurred from an new, adult perspective. 

Then listening to your personalized meditation tape, your brain effortlessly creates a healthy new pattern. 


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